32/35mm Nozzles for Electrolux vacuum cleaners

Electrolux vacuum cleaner nozzle´s 

If the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner has broken down, you can order new nozzle from our webstore. You can find many kinds of nozzles from our webstore and our range of products is extending all the time. We have divided the nozzles due to the size of the tube, so you will find 32/35 mm nozzles with round tube from here. Nozzles are vulnerable to breakage because they are made of plastic. When you are cleaning your house with vacuum cleaner, you need to be careful that you don’t broke down your parts of your vacuum cleaner. If for example the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner breaks down, there is no need to buy new vacuum cleaner straight away, just get a new nozzle and you are good to go. 

Different Electrolux special nozzles and nozzle set’s 

If you would like to have different kinds of special nozzles along side with the original nozzle, we have them available in our webstore. The purpose of special nozzles is to help you clean different kinds of places, where you won’t get with regular nozzle. Slot nozzle is perfect for cleaning narrow places. For example, ZE121 Slot nozzles fits 32/35 mm round tubes. If you have pets in your household, we can strongly recommend Electrolux KIT03B, for cleaning fur and lint. Classic combination nozzle, as for example Electrolux ZE063 is perfect for cleaning all kinds of different places. 

Our customer service will help you find the right nozzle for your vacuum cleaner 

Did you not find the right nozzle for your vacuum cleaner? No worries, we can find nozzle that will fit your vacuum cleaner with the information from your vacuum cleaners type plate, which is located at the bottom of your vacuum cleaner. Our chat customer service can help you every working day from 8:00 to 16:00 o’clock.  

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