36mm Nozzles for Electrolux vacuum cleaners

Electrolux 36mm oval nozzles from our web store 

If the nozzle of your Electrolux, Volta or AEG vacuum cleaner has broken down, you can get a new one effortlessly from our web store. You can find every 36 mm oval nozzles under the same product category, so finding the right nozzle is easy. For example, AeroPro ZE064 combination nozzle fits many Electrolux UltraOne, UltraActive and UltraSilencer models.  

Electrolux special nozzles to help your everyday life 

Do you feel like the nozzles that came along with your vacuum cleaner aren’t enough for your needs? We have a wide range of special Electrolux nozzles available. If you have pets in your household, we can strongly recommend Electrolux KIT13 Perfect Care Animal Care Kit, which is perfect for cleaning animal fur and lint. For hard surfaces we recommend getting a special parquet nozzle, like ZE115 Perfect Silent parquet nozzle, for example.  

How can I find the right nozzle for my Electrolux vacuum cleaner? 

If you didn’t find a nozzle that would fit your Electrolux vacuum cleaner, please contact our customer service and we will find the right nozzle for you. We can add the nozzle we found to our web store, and we ship the nozzle you ordered fast. We ship to EU-countries, and you can also collect the product you ordered from our store, which is in Turku, Finland. 

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