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Accessories for coffee makers

Moccamaster spare parts

Almost every Finn's home has a coffee machine. One of the best known brands of coffee makers is Moccamaster and it is very common for this maker to stand on the kitchen top for a long time. The Moccamaster coffee maker is known for its quality and long service life. Despite everything, the Moccamaster also has parts that sometimes require replacement. In our coffee maker spare parts range you will find all the most typical plastic parts that break from coffee makers. Like many appliances, coffee makers are affected by temperature fluctuations as well as humidity and drying. The coffee maker has several plastic parts in addition to its metal body and often these plastic parts are the ones that break during use. A high-quality coffee maker, such as the Moccamaster, will last for several years, and it is not advisable to buy a new coffee maker if the plastic part breaks. Typically, coffee machines break, for example, a funnel. Hot water passes through the funnel, after which the funnel may be washed with cold water. A coffee machine that is not used as much will again be exposed to hot and damp and as the plastic dries in between, it may fade. The spare part needed for coffee makers is also typically a jug. The Moccamaster jug is made of glass and may break easily. However, there are three different Moccamaster jugs in our selection, from which you can choose the one that best suits your cooker. In our selection you will also find the measuring spoon of Moccamaster, which allows for a perfect tasting coffee. Read more

Perfect coffee with the Moccamaster coffee scale

The secret of perfect-tasting coffee lies in the relationship between coffee and water. However, we all have our own coffee flavor. Some people want to drink their coffee lighter and softer, while others like to enjoy more intense and roasted coffee. The basic dosage for the filter coffee maker is 60g of coffee powder per liter of water. This dosage is also recommended on the Moccamaster website. Moccamaster has developed an original measure that is sure to be familiar to every Moccamaster owner. The coffee measure of the Moccamaster is made of plastic, which is why it is very possible that in heavy use it will accidentally break or drown. The Moccamaster 2-cup measuring spoon is in our selection precisely because the original may have been broken or drowned. If you’re used to measuring your coffee with Moccamaster’s original coffee gauge, it’s understandable that you want to continue to do so. By measuring even spoons of coffee with the Moccamaster coffee scale, the quality and taste of your coffee will surely remain as you expected. Conveniently order a Moccamaster measuring spoon from home or pick it up from our store. At the same time you can order other Moccamaster spare parts from this category. If you have any questions, such as compatibility, you can always contact our customer service or send us a message via the contact form here.

Moccamaster's Glass Jugs

One of the best known brands of coffee makers is Moccamaster and it is very common for this maker to stand on the kitchen level for a long time. The Moccamaster coffee maker is known for its quality and long service life. Despite all this, the Moccamaster also has several plastic and glass parts that sometimes require replacement. Typically, the glass jug of a coffee maker will break over the years. The Moccamaster glass jug also includes several plastic parts such as its lid and handle. It is possible that you will need a new glass jug for your Moccamaster just because its aroma lid has cracked or the handle has broken. Depending on the model of your Moccamaster, the models of the glass jug also vary. All Glass Jugs are 1.25L in size, but you can find Glass Jugs with a serving lid or aroma lid. We have listed the models of coffee makers that are compatible with the glass jug after the Moccamaster glass jug. The most popular of Moccamaster's glass jugs is the jug suitable for KBG, CD and KBGC models. In this glass jug, the lid is lifted by pressing the handle and remains attached to the handle even when it is opened. The Moccamaster KB compatible glass jug includes a separate plastic lid that must be removed completely. The glass jug with serving lid has a different type of lid. If you have any questions or are looking for a spare part that you cannot find in our online store, please contact our customer service