Activated Carbon Filters

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Activated Carbon Filters

Does your cooking hood function with activated carbon filter? Carbon air filter needs to clean or change when maintenance lap is too long or if the suction effectivity has decreased. Remember that, unclean activated carbon filter is also fire safety and hygiene risk. Cooking hood functions as designed, when it’s filters are clean. That’s why we always recommend changing grease filter and activated carbon filter regularly. Read more

Cooking hood with activated carbon filter

Why is activated carbon filter installed in cooking hood? If you do have cooking hood, which blows air back to the indoor air instead of going in flue, does the cooking hood need activated carbon air filter. Filter removes all the burning smells and particulates that comes from cooking. You’ll find from our online shop different activated carbon filters and grease filters.

How often do I have to change activated carbon filter?

Changing lap time depends on the using times but it is recommended to be changed 1-4 times in year. It is estimated,  that after 200 hours of using, it is time to change the activated carbon filter in to new one.

How to change activated carbon filter and clean cooking hood

Why is it important to remember to clean and change the activated carbon filter on your cooking hood regularly? If it has been too long since the last change, can suction effectivity cut to half. If the filter’s suction effectivity is only half from maximum, it means that half of the all burning smells and particulates also stays inside air, which is hygiene risk.

Order grease- and activated carbon filter online

You can find from our online shop for example Electrolux activated carbon filter and grease filter in multiple different models. You can order from online easily with fast deliver activated carbon filters. Grease- and activated carbon filters are easy to change by yourself. Because filters are so easy to change, keeping up the maintenance lap should not be difficult. If you have any questions according to activated carbon filters and grease filters, please contact in our customer service. If you are looking for some kind of filter or spare part that you did not find from our online store, please contact us and we will find it for you. You can also find separate category to grease filters from our online store in here.