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Central Vacuum Cleaner

 In addition to manufacturing, the world-renowned manufacturer of central vacuum cleaners Beam has been researching, developing and importing central vacuum cleaners for 30 years. More and more homes want to invest especially in high-quality indoor air. The effects of the Beam central vacuum system on indoor air and health have been studied and there is scientific evidence of the results. In our selection you will find Beam central vacuum cleaners as well as spare parts. Read more

Versatile central vacuum cleaner spare parts - in our selection you will find suction boxes, suction box installation kits, hoses, piping parts, cleaning tool kits and nozzles. If you already have a Beam central vacuum cleaner at home and a part is broken, you will find the part you need in our spare parts selection. However, if you can't find the part you are looking for in our online store, please contact our customer service and we will find the right spare part for you. Typically, breakable spare parts in both vacuum cleaners and central vacuum cleaners have nozzles as well as parts included in cleaning kits, i.e. stems and hoses.

Central vacuum cleaners help with allergies

Beam central vacuum cleaner is a very good choice for your home if you suffer from allergies. The central vacuum does not circulate the intake air in the room as a standard vacuum does, but the intake air goes along the pipes to the tank of the central vacuum where the filter filters the vacuumed air, after which the exhaust air with its micro-dust is led out. The central vacuum cleaner is an excellent option when you want to get rid of micro-dust and improve the cleanliness of the indoor air.

The Beam central vacuum cleaner brings ease to everyday life

Are you building a detached house with several floors? Maybe your current detached house is already full of stairs and vacuuming with a traditional vacuum cleaner is annoying, inconvenient and awkward? The Beam central vacuum cleaner brings the ease you just need to everyday life: you don't have to pull the vacuum cleaner behind or clean the filter. In addition to this, central vacuum cleaners have much more efficient motors than a standard vacuum cleaner and even a large food tank only needs to be emptied a few times a year. Thanks to the BEAM system, there is no need to clean or replace filters or strainers. And above all, the power doesn’t drop even when the tank is full, so performance meets your expectations time and time again.

Installation instructions

You can find installation instructions for the Beam central vacuum cleaner system here. In our online store you will find everything you need. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.