Contactor and relay

Order contactors and relays for Harvia and Helo electric heaters from Huolto Vuorio!

In our online shop you will find original electric heaters contactors and relays. Read more

We sell a wide range of original spare parts for heaters from brands such as Harvia and Helo. You can also find original contactors and relays for Harvia and Helo brand heaters from us. We have tried to describe the product information as accurately as possible, but we recommend you to contact our customer service by phone, chat or email to confirm compatibility. You can find our contact form here.

The contactors are suitable for electric heaters of many different brands, but our range includes for example the contactor OKSE 1-3 A16-40 for control panels and steamers of the electric heater models listed below:

    OK 33 PS-3 (1410-33-1517)
    WE 11 400V-415V 3 N / Max 15 kW
    WE 12 1N ~ /2~ Max 9 kW
    WE 13 230V 3~ Max 15 kW
    HNS xx T1
    WE-6/9 (2005-6/2005-9)
    HLS 95 400/ 440V 3~
    HLS 140 400/ 440V 3~

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