Electric sauna heaters

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Electric sauna heaters

Electronic sauna stoves and heating elements

Order Harvia, Helo, Kastor, Tulikivi and Sawo sauna stove heating elements and other spares from Huoltovuorio.com with a fast deliver.

Finland is known about it’s sauna culture. It is very common to have sauna in every household and utilization of sauna can be very high. All around the world people has started to be interested about sauna culture because of it’s health effects. In Finnish culture, sauna is part of everyday life but also in special occasions. Relaxing at sauna can be part of everyday routines and this is the reason why sauna stove can be in heavy use. Like every electronic household appliances, also electronic sauna stove needs maintenance. In use, sauna stove will likely need some spare parts. That is the reason why we are here to help you, when your missing spare part to your sauna stove from Harvia, Helo, Sawo, Tulikivi or Kastor. Our selection includes multiple different spares to sauna stoves of these brands. The most common spare part that is needed in sauna stoves are their heating elements. Most of the sauna users does not come up to that the stones should be changed in new ones at least every year. This is the way you can prevent bending of heating elements.

Is your sauna stove heating element burnt?

No worries, you will find original heating elements from our online store. Remember to confirm from our customer service the compatibility of spares before ordering. After that you can order needed heating element and we will ship it to you as fast as possible. Soon you will get to enjoy heat of the sauna again!