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Vacuum cleaner nozzles

You can find from our selection Electrolux vacuum cleaner nozzles. Our selection includes multiple different nozzles to fit in different floor materials. Are you looking for nozzle that is designed to households that has animal? In our selection you can find Electrolux Animal Care kit – Nozzle, which helps you to get rid of all the animal hair in your house. If you are not sure about the compatibility, please contact our customer service and we will help you. Read more

Vacuum cleaner is necessary domestic appliance at home. At some households it is in heavier use than others, depending on the size of house and cleaning routine. Vacuum cleaner nozzle is the part of the vacuum, that will have to last a lot of pressure and use. This part runs in the floor and it is important it is working as it is designed. If nozzle is broken, it can do harm to the floor and the cleaning efficiency stays in low level. Vacuum cleaner nozzle has also brushes that will not last forever. If the brushes are too used, can floor be harmed when vacuum-cleaning. You can find from our online store multiple different nozzles and we recommend you to choose the one, that responds to your needs.


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