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Electrolux vacuum cleaner spare parts and accessories

Spare parts for Electrolux, Volta, and AEG vacuum cleaners 

Do you need a spare part for your Electrolux vacuum cleaner? You can find many kinds of different spare parts to your Electrolux, Volta, or AEG vacuum cleaner from our web store. We have Electrolux nozzles (round and oval), handles, hoses, telescopic tubes, and many other parts such as dust bags and filters 

Original Electrolux nozzles 

We have a wide range of original nozzles for Electrolux vacuum cleaners. There are two kinds of different nozzles for Electrolux, Volta and AEG vacuum cleaners, oval nozzles with 36 mm connection and round nozzles with 32- or 35-mm connection. We have divided the nozzles due to their size to our web store. For example, ZE064 combination nozzle fits many Electrolux models with oval connection, such as Electrolux UltraOne vacuum cleaner. If you have round connection in your Electrolux vacuum cleaner, this floor nozzle is a perfect choice. Different kinds of nozzle kits are a great choice, alongside with the original nozzle. For households with pets, we can recommend Electrolux KIT13 Animal Care Kit with oval connection. 

Electrolux vacuum cleaner tubes, hoses, and handles 

Along with the nozzles, you can also find Electrolux vacuum cleaner tubes, hoses, and handles. If the handle of your vacuum cleaner is broken, there is this Electrolux handle, that fits for example Electrolux UltraFlex and UltraSilencer models. Handle may break down easily during vacuum cleaning, but luckily you can get a new one inexpensively. When you use your vacuum cleaner a lot, it is good to replace the old hose and tube also, and your vacuum cleaner is good as a new one again.  

Electrolux filters and dust bags 

Vacuum cleaner dust bag and filters should be replaced at regular intervals, so that the air of your house stays fresh, and the performance of your vacuum cleaner does not increase. You can find S-Bag dust bags for many different Electrolux, Volta, and AEG vacuum cleaners from our web store. You can also find dust bags to older Electrolux, Volta, and AEG vacuum cleaner models. Also, filters of your vacuum cleaner should be replaced at least twice a year. You can find filters that fit Electrolux, Volta, and AEG models from here. If your vacuum cleaner smells stale, there is vacuum cleaner fresheners, that you can use to freshen up the air of your house.