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Maintenance and installation of electric heaters 

The sauna is a sacred place for us Finns, and the heater is the heart of the sauna. Nowadays, almost every home has a sauna, often equipped with a modern electric heater. Finnish electric heaters are generally very reliable, but of course, over time and with heavy use, parts break down and the heater may need maintenance.

When an electric heater breaks down, many people think about replacing it, as repairs are often seen as unprofitable. Fortunately, spare parts are widely available for the most common brands such as Harvia, Helo, Tulikivi and Sawo. Repairing an electric heater is usually economically viable, especially for the more expensive ones. An electric heater contains many different parts and components that can fail.

One of the most common failures when the sauna no longer heats up is the breakdown of the heating elements in the electric heater. Heating elements can become warped, have a hole in them and even make a loud noise when they break down. We recommend replacing all the electric heater heating elements and stones at the same time. A timer, thermostat, control panel, contactor… or any other electrical component can also break.

We service electric heaters at our customers homes and in our workshop in Turku. Our service covers the Turku and Salo area. We also act as a warranty service shop for many electric heater manufacturers. If you need service for your electric heater, please provide us with as detailed information as possible about the fault, so that we can reserve the right spare parts for the service visit. We also take care of the installation of the heater, as well as the proper recycling of the heater stones and the old heater.

New electric heaters, electric heater spare parts and accessories from our online store, as well as from our shop

We sell electric heaters, spare parts and accessories for electric heaters in our online shop and in our store in Turku. Our stock includes original and replacement parts and other replacement parts for many electric heater models, such as Harvia Cilindro, Harvia Forte, Harvia AinaValmis, Helo Rocher, Helo HetiValmis, Sawo Aries… etc. We can also order rarer spare parts directly from the manufacturers, if required.

In our online store you will also find a wide range of new electric heaters from Harvia and Sawo. We deliver electric heaters and spare parts from our online store all over Finland. We deliver the products you order quickly and safely via the most well-known parcel service providers.

Our customer service will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about electric heaters. You can contact us by phone, email or via our chat service.

Please note that electrical spare parts should only be installed by a qualified professional. Huolto Vuorio accepts no liability for any damage caused by incorrectly installed spare parts. The customer is always responsible for the installation of spare parts. Electrical spare parts are not returnable if the spare part has been plugged in.