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Enervent spare parts

We are an authorized Enervent ventilation service and spare parts dealer in the Turku and Salo region in Finland. In our online shop, you will find spare parts for the most popular ventilation models, such as Enervent Pingvin, Salla, Pandion, LTR3, and Pegasos. In addition to spare parts, we have a wide range of filters for ventilation machines.

Enervent Zender has been manufacturing solutions for Finnish ventilation since 1985, during which time Enervent ventilation machines have gained great popularity in the Finnish ventilation market. The installation solutions and ease of use of Enervent air handling units have played a big part in their success. Spare parts for Enervent air handling units are also widely available. Thanks to the wide range of spare parts, if a failure or problem occurs that requires new parts, the entire air handling unit does not need to be replaced, but with a small repair the unit can be made as good as new and the service life can be extended by several years. All spare parts for Enervent ventilation machines are sorted by model, to make it easier to find the right parts. Our range of spare parts is currently being updated, so if you can’t find the part you’re looking for or you’re not sure about the compatibility of spare parts or filters, contact our customer service team and we’ll help you find the right part.

Enervent filters

Enervent ventilation filters are available for all Enervent models including Enervent Pingvin, Salla, and Pandion. All Enervent filters we sell are original filters from the manufacturer. By choosing filters designed for your ventilation equipment, you can be sure of the best possible filtration and your air exchanger will work as it was designed to. Filters for air handling units need to be changed regularly. Filters should be changed in the spring and autumn. By changing filters regularly, you can keep the indoor air in your home fresh and clean, and avoid indoor air problems that are, in the worst case, comparable to those caused by mold.