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Harvia spare parts and sauna heaters

Sauna Heater spare parts such as control panels and heating elements 

The electric stove is a common accessory found in homes today. The electric stove brings comfort and convenience to your everyday life, as it allows for comfortable and quick sauna experiences. The electric stove is easy to switch on and in half an hour you can be ready to throw water on the stove. The accessories and features of electric stoves are constantly evolving and nowadays many stoves are equipped with a control panel to make it easier to switch on the stove and adjust the heat. Harvia control panels are available in our range at a reasonable price. As with any electrical appliance, an electric heater can malfunction. If you are in a situation where your electric stove has started to break down and you need spare parts, you can find Harvia spare parts for sauna stoves in our online shop. 


Spare parts for Harvia woodburning sauna stoves 

The wood-burning sauna stove is traditional and familiar to many people in Northern Europe. The atmosphere created by a wood-burning sauna heater is incomparable. Wood-burning stoves are perceived as more durable than electric sauna heaters, but even a wood-burning stove can break down and need a new spare part. If your wood-burning stove has broken down, you can easily find parts for it in our online shop. For example, we have a range of handles for stove hatches or even air guide plates. One of the most popular manufacturers of wood-burning stoves is Harvia. We have a comprehensive range of original Harvia spare parts.