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Helo, Tylöhelo, and Kastor, Finleo, and Amerec Spare parts

Helo is a sauna heater factory founded in Finland in 1919 and now operating under the name Sauna360. The stoves are manufactured in a factory in Hanko. The brands are Helo, Tylö, Kastor, and Tylöhelo, Finleo and Amerec.  

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Helo spare parts 

We sell spare parts for Helo / Tylöhelo electric and woodburning sauna stoves, thermostats, circuit cards, hatch parts and all other spare parts are model specific, so it is a good idea to know the exact product information before searching for a spare part. Helo product labels do not directly mention the name, but the product information can be found by numerical code, e.g. on the Helo Rocher product label “Type: 1118 -700- 0405”, where the “-700-” in between stands for the power of the product, in this case 7 kW. 

Kastor varaosat 

Kastor Megaline ja Kastor Inferno sähkökiukaiden varaosat löytyvät valikoimastamme, kuten myös kaikki Kastorin puukiukaiden varaosat. Muistathan myös katsoa tuotekyltistä tarkat tiedot, jotta löydetään sinulle oikea osa.