EBM Centrifugal fan G3G146ED1910 118W

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Centrifugal fan G3G146-ED19-10 for several right-handed ventilation machines. The fan power is 118 W. Replaces the previous fans G3G146ED2306 and G3G146ED1932.

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EBM Centrifugal fan G3G146ED1910 118W.

EMB G3G146-ED19-10 right handed centrifugal fan 118W

-Iloxair 89 R and L models right-hand blower
-Swegon Casa W80/W3 R and L models right-hand blower

-Swegon Casa W100 R exhaust fan (right side of the machine)

-Swegon Casa R80/R85/R120/R3/R5 R model machine inlet/exhaust fan

-Vallox 90SE/90MV/90SC/90MC/90KSC/90KMC/096SE/096MV/096MC/110SE/110MV/121SE/121MC




100X DC, Divk 290 DE, Divk 440, Enervent Alta, Fair 120 EC, Fair 80 EC, Ilox 89, Ilox 89 Optima, Ilox 89 Optima W, Ilox 89 W-125, Ilox 89 W-160, Liggolo, LTC, LTR-2 Eco, LTR-3 Eco, Piccolo, Pingvin, Pinion, Plaza, SunAir 431 EC LT, SunAir 431 EC LT Premium, SunAir 710 EC Premium, SunAir cc85 EC, SunAir Eco 130 EC LT, SunAir Eco 90 EC LT, SunAir RW 130 EC, SunAir RW 130 EC LT, SunAir RW EC, Vallox 096 Mc, Vallox 096 Mv, Vallox 096 Se, Vallox 110 Mv, Vallox 110 Se, Vallox 121 Mc, Vallox 121 Se, Vallox 200 Se, Vallox 90 Mc, Vallox 90 Mv, Vallox 90 Sc, Vallox 90 Se, Vallox 90K Mc, Vallox 90K Sc, Vallox 95 EC, Vallox Aito Kotilämpö, Vallox TTC, W100, W80, X100 Premium DC

Fan Power (W)

119 W

Tarvikepuhaltimen yhteensopivuus-merkki

DeeKax Oy, Ensto-Enervent Oy, Iloxair, Kotilämpö eWind, Pingvin Kotilämpö, SunAir, Swegon Casa, Vallox, Vallox Aito Kotilämpö, Vallox Capto Liesikuvut


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