Electrolux Cyclone Ultra filter kit EF79

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Filter kit for Electrolux cyclone ultra vacuum cleaner. Original Electrolux filters from our online shop.

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Electrolux Cyclone Ultra filter kit EF79.

Original filter kit for ELECTROLUX vacuum cleaner Cyclone Ultra Z 7300, 7310, 7311, 7315.

High-quality ELECTROLUX filters are specially designed to keep your bagless vacuum cleaner at its best performance. The high quality material used in these filters allows the vacuum cleaner to achieve a high level of filtration and maximum dust removal capacity. The micro-filter filters the dust in the exhaust air and the motor filter protects the dust tank of the vacuum cleaner motor from dust particles.

To maintain the performance of your vacuum cleaner, we recommend that you wash the filter cartridge every time the dust tank is emptied. Allow it to dry before reinstalling. All filters should be replaced at least twice a year or when dirty.

This kit contains one filter cartridge, one microfilter and one motor filter.


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