Electrolux KIT05 nozzle set

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Electrolux KIT05 nozzle set, suitable for Pure F9 models. With this nozzle set, you’ll be sure to vacuum even the most inaccessible areas.

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The perfect cleaning kit can effectively clean hard-to-reach places. Four powerful nozzles can effectively clean hard-to-reach places (such as narrow drawers, crevices, keyboard interiors and the environment or other equipment). Allows you to quickly clean delicate items such as statues, electronic equipment or furniture. Includes a small hose cleaner for maximum flexibility and precision.
Compact tools help clean even the most difficult and confined spaces.
1 x flexible hose,
1 x nozzle for crevices,
1 x brush,
1 x micro extension,
1 x micro extension+brush.

Suitable for: all Pure F9 models and Pure F9 Bag+ and all 32/35 mm tubes.


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