Electrolux ZE116 perfect care miniturbo brush, oval 36mm

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Electrolux ZE116 vacuum cleaner brush for 36mm oval vacuum cleaner tube. This nozzle is perfect for vacuuming animal hair.

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Electrolux ZE116 perfect care miniturbo brush

Ideal for vacuuming hard-to-clean surfaces such as stair treads and car seats.

The rotating brush roll effectively collects pet hair and loose fibres.

Soft bristles gently clean upholstered furniture and other textiles.

Designed for vacuuming tricky areas such as stair treads and toe boards, furniture and car seats.

The 36mm oval connection fits all Ultra Collection vacuum cleaners, including UltraActive, UltraCaptic, UltraOne, UltraOneMini, UltraPerformer, UltraSilencer and UltraFlex*.

*Suitable for UltraFlex models with 36 mm oval connection.


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