Harvia Autodose sauna water dispenser

589,00 (incl. VAT. 24%)

Harvia Autodose sauna water dispenser SASL1

Estimated delivery time: 3-7 working days

Thanks to Harvia Autodose, you do not need the bucket and ladle anymore because now it is possible to throw the sauna water onto the stones just by pressing the button. The buttons are installed into the sauna room and the buttons works automatically at certain intervals or when you press the button yourself. It is also possible to add sauna fragrance to the sauna water so the sauna will smell extra good.

The device consists of a main unit and operating buttons. The delivery includes 1 button for water and 1 button for water-fragrance mixture. Several buttons can be installed (extra buttons can be purchased separately).

Main unit

Water output period adjustment range: 0,3-4s
Fragrance output period adjustment range: 1-20s
Automatic output interval adjustment range: 1-10min
Supply voltage: 230 V 1N~
Dimensions width: 270mm
Dimensions height: 201mm
Dimensions depth: 80mm
Length of fragrance suction pipe: 0,5m
Length of outlet pipe: 2,5m

Operating buttons

Length of cable: 4m
Max. number of “water” buttons: 3
Max. number of “water and fragrance” buttons: 5
Dimensions width: 55mm
Dimensions height: 15mm
Dimensions depth: 55mm
Diameter of opening for embedding (e.g. in bench or wall): 50mm

Note! The nozzle tube is not included.




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