Harvia C150 Control unit for electric heater max 17 kW

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The Harvia C150 electric heater control unit is suitable for use in Harvia electric heaters up to 17kW. Harvia control units from our online shop.

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Harvia C150 Control unit is a manually operated basic control unit, which you can easily regulate the temperature and on-time of the heater for 1-12 hours according to the needs. The C150 control center can be used to control the heaters of family saunas and community saunas. (2.3-17kw)

The package includes a control center and a heat sensor with a cable (4m).

• Setting temperature 40-110C

• Max display reading 125C

• Max heater power 17kW

• On time 4 (1-12) h

• Preselection time 0-12h

Instructions for installation and use



Sauna heater power (kW)

max 17 kW


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