Harvia C170VKK Control unit for electric heater max 17kW

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Harvia C170VKK control unit for electric heaters is suitable for professional use.

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Electric heater control unit for professional use.

Harvia C170VKK is an electric heater control center suitable for professional use. With its numerous features, you can control the sauna the way you want. The control center includes, for example, a weekly clock, remote start and fan, as well as lamp control. The automation of the sauna is possible with eight different program locations, with it you can easily set the sauna to suit different users. C170VKK is a great choice for condominiums, spas, hotels and other larger saunas.

The maximum power for the control center is 17kW.

Instructions for installation and use


C170, Professional

Sauna heater power (kW)

max 17 kW

Sauna heater Control



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