Harvia Cilindro Black Steel PC90E electric heater 9kW

499,00 (incl. VAT. 24%)

New 9 kilowatt tower heater model from Harvia. The Cilindro Black Steel PC90E requires a separate control unit. Order Harvia electric heaters from our online store.

Estimated delivery time: 3-7 working days

Stylish heater from Harvia

Harvia Cilindro Black Steel PC90E is a modern heater for a modern sauna. The heater’s outer shell is perforated which allows various steams to the sauna. The beautiful Black Steel colour makes the heater and sauna look very elegant. The heater contains a large amount of stones, which makes bathing enjoyable and the heat spreads evenly throughout the sauna. The Cilindro Black Steel heater is a pillar-shaped heater that ensures that it is suitable for various installations and also for the needs of even the most demanding interior designer.

The PC90E heater model must be equipped with a separate compatible control unit that is sold separately. Whit the control unit it is possible to control the heater’s temperature and timer and also other sauna devices such as lighting, safety devices and air conditioning.

Technical information

Power: 9 kW

Material: Steel

Colour: Black, Black Steel

Measurements (mm): 930 x 320 x 320

Stone amount: 90 kg

Sauna size: 8-14 m3


Cilindro (PC)

Sauna heater power (kW)

9 kW

Sauna heater Control



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