Harvia Cilindro PC70 electric heater 6,8Kw

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Harvia Cilindro PC70 6,8 KW

The Harvia Cilindro electric heater is a great choice for smaller and medium-sized saunas. Thanks to the high and narrow shape of the column heater, you can get warm and moist steam in your sauna with the Harvia Cilindro. Thanks to the narrow shape of the cylinder, it is also a great replacement for a traditional wall heater.
Harvia Cilindro PC models are equipped with a mechanical control, which can be found at the bottom of the heater. The heater therefore has separate knobs for the thermostat and the clock, with which you can easily adjust the temperature and on time of the heater.
Harvia Cilindro PC70 specifications:
• Power 6.6 kW
• Dimensions 255 x 255 x 1340
• The size of the sauna is 6-9 m3
• Quantity of stones 75 kg (not included in the price)


Cilindro (PC)

Sauna heater power (kW)

6, 8 kW

Sauna heater Control



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