Harvia Cilindro Pro electric heater PC165E/200E 16,6/19,8kW

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Harvia Cilindro Pro 165E/200E is the perfect choice for a larger sauna. Order Harvia electric heaters from our online store.

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Cilindro Pro 165E/200E electric heater

The Cilindro Pro 165E/200E is a great source of heat and steam for family saunas. Commercial saunas, hotels and housing associations, for example, will benefit from the heaters features. The massive amount of stone provides an enjoyable sauna experience. The 130 cm high heaters contain 220 kg of stones and sturdy heating elements designed to withstand long periods of use. Together, these ensure that there is enough steam for even the largest sauna groups. The Cilindro’s outer casing is made of stainless steel. The heat produced by the heater can be adjusted from soft to more intense by aiming the heat throw either at the side of the stove or directly at the stone pillar.

The Cilindro Pro 165E/200E is controlled by a separate control panel. By changing the wiring, a total of two power versions of the stove can be obtained. The Cilindro Pro 165E/200E can be connected in either 16,6 kW or 19,8 kW double group. The heaters can be fitted with a freely orientable HPC5 cover plate, which allows the heater to be installed closer to a wall or corner of the sauna. The cover plate also protects wall surfaces from soiling by water and stone dust.

Basic information:

Power: 16,6/19,8 kW
Dimensions (mm): 450 x 450 x 1300
Sauna size: 15-30 m3
Stone amount: 220 kg
Protection distances (mm): front 100, side walls 100, ceiling 750,



Cilindro (PC), Pro

Sauna heater power (kW)

16, 20 kW, 5 kW

Sauna heater Control



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