Harvia Cilindro Steel PC110XE electric heater 10,8kW

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Looking for an efficient electric heater? Harvia Cilindro PC110XE is a tower model electric heater that won’t run out of heat.

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Harvia’s stylish Cilindro Steel PC110XE, is perfect for larger saunas, for example family saunas or public saunas. The pillar-like shape and the massive 120 kg amount of stones create soft but powerful steams. The outer surface of the heater is made of perforated stainless steel. This enables the adjusting of the steam in sauna room. By throwing the water on the side of the heater, the steam is softer. Additionally, to get sharper steam, the water can be thrown on top of the stone pillar. The heater is possible to embed into the sauna benches or install next to a glass wall. These installations brings more looks in to the sauna room compared to a traditional floor installation. However, the sauna designer has a lot of freedom while making the sauna. The Cilindro XE heaters already come with a separate digital Xenio control panel as standard. You can place the control panel in a sauna or, for example, in a washroom. With the control panel, you monitor the temperature and other sauna adjustments, as well as the timings.

About the heater

Power: 10,8 kW
Material and colour: Steel, Stainless Steel
Measurements (mm): 1070 x 365 x 365
Heater weight: 12,6 kg
Stone amount: 120 kg
Sauna size: 9-18 m3
Safety distances: Front, sides, behind: 100 mm. Ceiling: 830 mm.


Cilindro (PC), XE

Sauna heater power (kW)

10,5 kW, 8 kW


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