Harvia HPC11M Protective wall Cilindro Black Steel (PC70/PC90)

147,99 (incl. VAT. 24%)

Harvia Protective wall HPC11M Cilindro Black Steel for Cilindro models PC70 and PC90

Estimated delivery time: 3-7 working days

Harvia HPC11M protective wall for the Harvia Cilindro sauna heater makes the sauna environment more safe. Also, it enables safe sauna heater installations making the sauna interior designing even more versatile. Thanks to the protective wall the sauna heater can be installed closer to a wall or sauna bench solution. The wall protects, for example, the glass wall and wooden surfaces from water splashes. That makes it easier to maintain the sauna room.

The delivery includes one protective wall. One wall is suitable for, for example, corner installations. The heater can also be fitted with more than one protective wall, e.g. when the heater is installed between two sauna benches which are installed face to face. This leaves the stone surface of the front of the sauna heater visible. Three protective walls can also be installed on the sauna heater covering the whole heater. This installation is especially perfect for when heater is embedded into the sauna benches.

Harvia HPC11M comes in a beautifully elegant Black Steel colour making the Cilindro sauna heater even more pretentious.

Protective wall for Cilindro electric heaters (PC70/PC90/PC70E/PC90E/PC70XE/PC90XE)


Cilindro (PC)


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