Harvia paraffin oil for sauna bench 500ml

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Harvia paraffin oil for sauna benches. Harvia sauna accesories from our website.

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Harvia paraffin oil is an oil used to treat wood surfaces to reduce the absorption of moisture and dirt, thus extending their service life. Paraffin oil is suitable for all wood materials, but it is particularly suitable for heat-treated wood and alder surfaces. Paraffin oil is colourless, but it deepens the natural tone of the wood surface. It is recommended to treat new sauna benching before usage and 1-2 times a year in combination with cleaning. The paraffin oil treatment dries to its final colour in a few days. The drying rate can be accelerated by heating the sauna, and the sauna can be used again about a day after the treatment. A 500 ml bottle of paraffin oil is sufficient to treat an area of about 5 to 10 square metres.

Paraffin oil is also included in the Harvia Sauna Care Kit, a comprehensive product package for sauna treatment. A clean and oiled sauna is like new.


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