Harvia Vega BC45 electric heater 4,5 kW

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Harvia Vega BC45 is a 4.5 kW wall heater that is ideal for smaller saunas due to its compact size.

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Harvia Vega is the state of art electric heater. The heater is surrounded by shaped stainless-steel shell which is designed nicely. The well-placed operating switches, which can be found at the top of the heater, make using the heater easy and comfortable. This means that when you want to adjust the time or heat you do not have to bend down.

Harvia Vega can be easily installed in a separate wall bracket. Thanks to the symmetrical shape of the stove, the handedness does not have to be changed, but it can be selected. Installation is also facilitated by electrical connections from the side of the heater. Thanks to the structural shape of the vega, it can be mounted on the wall particularly low, so that the heat is even more evenly distributed.

Technical information of Harvia Vega BC45:

Power 4,5 kW

Size: 480 mm x 540 mm x 310 mm

Sauna size 3-6 m³

Stone amount 20 kg

Safety distances (mm): front to lower benches 20, upper benches 35, side wall 35, ceiling 1100, floor 100-200


Vega (BC)

Sauna heater power (kW)

4, 5 kW

Sauna heater Control



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