Harvia WX526 Air Baffle Plate (set)

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Harvia WX526 air baffle plate set is a great addition to the grate of your wood-burning stove.

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An add on for your sauna stoves cast -iron grating which makes the combustion more pure and efficient. Steel made air baffle plates direct air flow from under the cast-iron grating to the combustion chamber. Because of this, combustion gases burn more efficient and you get more out of the fire product, and at the same time it reduces the amount of the combustion gases coming out. Heating of the sauna may take a little longer because of the equable combustion. These air baffle plates can also help in cases where the smoke pipe works too well meaning that the baffle plates slows down the fire incident. Standard equipment on Legend sauna stoves.

Air baffle plate set is compatible with the following Harvia wood burning sauna stoves:

Harvia 20 ES Pro
Harvia 20 Duo
Classic 220 Duo
Legend 240 Duo
Legend 300


20 Duo, 20 ES Pro, Classic 220 Duo, Legend 240 Duo, Legend 300


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