Harvia Xenio Combi CX110C Control unit

649,00 (incl. VAT. 24%)

Harvia Xenio Combi CX110C is an electric heater control unit with a separate control panel. You can find Harvia control units in our online shop.

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Harvia Xenio Combi is a control centre with a touch control panel and clear screen. For controlling a Combi stove or a combination of a stove and an evaporator. The unit is possible to install where ever you want it, for example in sauna or living room. With Harvia Xenio Combi control unit, you can adjust the temperature between 40 and 110 degrees. Also is is possible to control the time the sauna is on and the time when you want the sauna to turn on.

– control panel
– power unit
– heat sensor with cable approx. 4 m
– data cable 5 m (extendable up to approx. 30 m with 10 m extension cables)


Combi, Xenio (CX)

Sauna heater power (kW)

max 11 kW


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