Harvia Xenio Combi WiFi Control unit

729,00 (incl. VAT. 24%)

With the Harvia Xenio Combi Wifi control unit, you can control your heater remotely. Order Harvia control units here.

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The Harvia Xenio Combi CX110C WiFi control panel turns the Harvia E model stove into a remotely controlled stove. The Harvia Xenio Combi CX110C control centre can be connected to the Harvia Combi stove or a combination of stove and steam generator. In which case the stove, lighting and ventilation, the steam functions can also be controlled remotely. The control unit has a touch screen and the use is simple. The unit is possible to install in the sauna room, wet room or where ever the users want it to be. Controlling with this unit is safe thanks to a door sensor that must be installed in the sauna room door.

Download the MyHarvia mobile phone application to control the sauna stove with phone.


Combi, Wifi, Xenio (CX)

Sauna heater power (kW)

max 11 kW


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