Menalux dust bag 1002

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Menalux dust bag kit 1002 contains 5 synthetic dust bags. The dust bags are compatible with Aeg, Electrolux, Volta and many other vacuum cleaner manufacturers models.

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Menalux dust bag 1002 is suitable for brands such as:


5 synthetic dust bags per pack.

See compatibility here

Accessory dust bag fit

Alfatec A2265, Alfatec A3715, Alfatec PC3715, Progress EAT1601, Progress PC 2230, Progress PC 2265, Progress PC2210, Progress PC2260, Progress PC2261, Progress PC2262, Progress PC22CUP, Progress PC2360, Progress PC2365DB, Progress PC2366, Progress PC2369DB, Progress PC2380, Progress PC2385, Progress PC2390, Progress PC2461, Progress PC2469DB, Progress PC3400, Progress PC3701, Progress PC3702, Progress PC3710, Progress PC3712, Progress PC3716, Progress PC3716DB, Progress PC3716T, Progress PC3719, Progress PC3720, Progress PC3726DB, Progress U3706, Volta U2320, Volta U2330, Volta U2406EL, Volta U2406NEL, Volta U2407, Volta U2407EL, Volta U2407NEL, Volta U2410EL, Volta U2410NEL, Volta U3705, Zanussi ZAN2240, Zanussi ZAN2240PR, Zanussi ZAN2242, Zanussi ZAN2245, Zanussi ZAN2245PR, Zanussi ZAN2250, Zanussi ZAN2250PR, Zanussi ZAN2270, Zanussi ZAN2300, Zanussi ZAN2300UK, Zanussi ZAN2305, Zanussi ZAN2305UK, Zanussi ZAN2310, Zanussi ZAN2311, Zanussi ZAN2410, Zanussi ZAN3430, Zanussi ZAN3430UK, Zanussi ZAN3712, Zanussi ZAN3713


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