Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bag Volta Gemini

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Accessory dust bags that fit many different vacuum cleaner manufacturers. High quality accessory dust bags are a good alternative to the original ones. Check compatibility before ordering.

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Replacement for: Volta Gemini

Package contents:
• 4x dustbag
• 1x engine filter

Material: Synthetic

Hugin HN 6000 Phantom
Progress P 2820 Magnum, S Class, Steptronic
Progress P 2850 Magnum/S Class/Steptronic
Progress P 2870 Magnum/S Class/Steptronic
Progress P 49
Progress V 21
Tornado TO 2810 Serenys
Tornado TO 2845 Serenys
Tornado TO 2875 Serenys
Tornado TO 2890 Serenys
Tornado TO 2891 Serenys
Volta U 2810 Gemini
Volta U 2825 Gemini
Volta U 2830 Gemini
Volta U 2850 Gemini
Volta U 2855 Gemini
Volta U 2860 Gemini
Volta U 2870 Gemini
Volta U 2877 Gemini
Volta U 2990 Gemini
Wertheim 4030

Accessory dust bag fit

Hugin HN 6000 Phantom, Progress P 2820 Magnum, Progress P 2850 Magnum/S Class/Steptronic, Progress P 2870 Magnum/S Class/Steptronic, Progress P 49, Progress V 21, S Class, Steptronic, Tornado TO 2810 Serenys, Tornado TO 2845 Serenys, Tornado TO 2875 Serenys, Tornado TO 2890 Serenys, Tornado TO 2891 Serenys, Volta U 2810 Gemini, Volta U 2825 Gemini, Volta U 2830 Gemini, Volta U 2850 Gemini, Volta U 2855 Gemini, Volta U 2860 Gemini, Volta U 2870 Gemini, Volta U 2877 Gemini, Volta U 2990 Gemini, Wertheim 4030


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