Sawo Aries Corner Electric Heater 9kW Ni2

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Sawo Aries Corner electric heater 9,0 kW Ni2 ARI3-90Ni2-CNR

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Do you want to save space in your sauna but at the same time enjoy great and rich steams? Now it is possible with Sawo Aries Corner Electric Heater 9kW Ni2!

Sawo Aries Corner is an Aries electric heater family’s corner model. This unobtrusively installed electric heater is a real space saver, but at the same time, its great amount of stones and the glorious heating capacity makes it the real heart of the sauna. That is why Sawo Corner is suitable for both small and large saunas.

The electric heater can be easily installed in the corner of the sauna room thanks to the Corner design. In the corner, the heater takes up considerably less space than, for example, a normal tower heater, and the corner-mounted heater also blends in perfectly with the rest of the interior of the sauna. The Aries Corner can therefore be installed directly in the corner of the heater and can also be embedded in benches. When immersing, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the immersion collars for Sawo Aries Corner. If the electric heater is installed at a corner without immersion, we recommend that you get a guardrail in addition to the heater.

Although the Corner takes up little space in the sauna room, it still fills the entire sauna with rich and moist steam without any problems. Thanks to the moderate sizing of the Aries Corner, steam throwing is also possible from the lowest benches, if you feel like it.

The Sawo Aries Corner heater is available in three different models and with four different powers. The first of the options is the NB model, which is equipped with a built-in control center. Another model option is the NS model, for which a power unit and controller must be purchased separately. Last, but not least is the Ni2 model, which has a built-in power unit. For Ni2 models, a Saunova 2.0 controller must be purchased separately.

Sawo Aries Corner Electric Heater 9kW Ni2 technical information:

  • Width 335 mm
  • Depth 335 mm
  • Height 1000 mm
  • Power 9000 W
  • Heating elements 3 x ARI300
  • Control unit Saunova 2.0
  • Sauna size 8-14 m³
  • Stone amount 60 kg (does not include in the prize)

Aries Corner (ARICNR)

Sauna heater power (kW)

9 kW

Sauna heater Control


Sauna size

8-14 m3


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