Sawo Cubos Sauna Heater 9kW NB

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Sawo Cubos sähkökiuas 9,0 kW NB CUB3-90NB

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Sawo Cubos Sauna Heater 9kW NB is here!

This innovative electric heater newness combines 3 electric heater types thanks to its advanced design. There are therefore three installation options for the heater. You can install the heater in the middle, corner, or wall of the sauna. For wall and corner installations, Sawo has developed protective walls. The walls can be conveniently attached to the Cubos frame without any problems. It is also possible to immerse the Cubos in benches and various immersion collars are available for the heater. To increase safety, we recommend installing a guardrail.

The Sawo Cubos electric heater is available in three different models and with four different powers. The first of the options is the NB model, which is equipped with a built-in control center. Another model option is the NS model, for which a power unit and controller must be purchased separately. Last, but not least is the Ni2 model, which has a built-in power unit. For Ni2 models, a Saunova 2.0 controller must be purchased separately.

Sawo Cubos Sauna Heater 9kW NB technical data:

  • Width 290 mm
  • Depth 290 mm
  • Height 930 mm
  • Power 9000 W
  • Timer 8+4h
  • Sauna size 8-14 m³
  • Heating elements 3 x ARI300
  • Stone amount 75 kg (not included in the prize)

Cubos (CUB)

Sauna heater power (kW)

9 kW

Sauna heater Control


Sauna size

8-14 m3


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