Vallox After-Heating Resistor 500W

55,90 (incl. VAT. 24%)

Vallox After-Heating Resistor for Ilmava 100 / 120, Vallox TSK, Muh/Vallox Supply Air Heaters, Lämpöilmava

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Vallox After-Heating / Heating Resistor for Vallox ventilation machines and supply air heaters.

Power: 500W

Fits to:

Ilmava 100 (3461, 3462, 3463, B3461, B3462, B3463, B3464)

Ilmava 120 (B3461, B3462, B3463, B3464)

Vallox TSK (3468) // low model, May 31, 2001

Lämpö (Warm) ilmava (3117) // heating resistor


Lämpöilmava, Muh, Muh Ilmava 100/ Muh Ilmava 120, Vallox 100/120, Vallox Tsk, Vallox Tuloilmalämmittimet


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