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Vacuum cleaner spare parts from our web store!

Did the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner break down? The wheels of the nozzle may go bad or simply the nozzle can get clogged, and the nozzle must be replaced. Here is the help for you to find vacuum cleaner spare parts.

You can find original spare parts for vacuum cleaners and nozzles for many different brands such as Electrolux, Volta, AEG, Bosch, and Siemens from our web store. We also have special nozzles like parquet nozzles, slot nozzles, and special nozzle kits for households with pets.

Hoses, handles, tubes, and other vacuum cleaner spare parts

Our range does not only contain nozzles for vacuum cleaners. We have lots of different spare parts for vacuum cleaners. Also, the tube, hose, handle, or some else part may break down, and cleaning with the vacuum cleaner is no longer possible.

We represent Electrolux, Volta, AEG, Siemens, and Bosch brands so that we can quickly order all the parts of your vacuum cleaner from our wide network of importers.

Dust bags and filters inexpensively for vacuum cleaners

We have multiple different dust bags available in our web store, so you will find the right one for your vacuum cleaner. S-Bag dust bags to your Electrolux vacuum cleaner and G ALL dust bags to your Siemens or Bosch vacuum cleaner are available from us.

You will also find Menalux dust bags for multiple different brands. Also, the filters of the vacuum cleaners are good to replace at regular intervals, so the air of your home stays fresh and the performance of your vacuum cleaner does not decrease.