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Original spare parts for ventilation units from Huolto Vuorio Oy, brands such as Enervent, Swegon, and Vallox

The range of spare parts for ventilation machines is very versatile and comprehensive. To make it easier to find the right spare part, we have divided the spare parts for ventilation units into subcategories according to the brands. In our selection, you will find spare parts for Enervent, Swegon, and Vallox equipment sorted by product.

The fan of the ventilation unit is one of the most common spare parts that should be replaced with ventilation equipment. You will also find ventilation fan and blower parts in our selection. The thermostat of the ventilation unit may also break. However, it is not advisable to replace the ventilation unit with a new one if the thermostat breaks, as you can order a new one from our online store to replace the broken thermostat.

We are an authorized service and sales company for several different home appliance manufacturers. That’s why you can also find, for example, original spare parts for Vallox ventilation machines in our selection. With original spare parts, you ensure that the unit works reliably and that the spare part for your ventilation unit is compatible.

Ventilation machine filters from Huolto Vuorio webstore

Looking for a Vallox ventilation filter? You will find filters and filter packages for several different Vallox ventilation units in our selection. In addition to ventilation equipment, several different household appliances such as cooker hoods, vacuum cleaners, and air purifiers filter the air through them and therefore regular replacement of filters is necessary.

The ventilation unit has a significant impact on the indoor air quality of our home and therefore one of the most important replacement parts is the replacement of the filters in the ventilation unit.

How to find the right spare part for your ventilation unit

Finding a replacement part for your ventilation unit can be tricky and there are several different models of ventilation equipment. Our selection includes spare parts from the most popular ventilation equipment manufacturers such as Vallox, Enervent, and Swegon.

If you are not sure about the model of your ventilation unit, you can check it on the nameplate of your unit. The easiest way to find the right spare part for your ventilation unit is to select the brand and model of your appliance from the filters. If you still can’t find the right spare part for your ventilation unit, you can use the advanced search or contact our customer service.

We also recommend that you check the compatibility of your ventilation unit spare part with your unit from our customer service. If you do not find the spare part you are looking for in our online store selection, please let us know and we will look for it for you.