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Do you have air purifier at home? In that case, it is important to take care of that the filer is changed regularly. Filter collects all the impurity, particulate and pollen that is in the air. If changing air purifiers filter regularly, you are making sure that the appliance is working as designed with full cleaning capacity. Most of the air purifiers functions with activated carbon filter, which is the reason why you can find from our selection carbon air purifiers. Huolto Vuorio is authorized spare part store, which is why you can find original quality spares and filters from our web shop. Read more

Get rid of allergy with air purifier

Air purifier can help to get rid of allergy symptoms. If you are having troubles with inside air, can air purifier be temporary solution and help for the problem. You can find from our selection for example 3-in-1 filter, which includes antibacterial pre-filter that filters all the particulates, animal hair and other particles. To get help in allergy symptoms, it is very important to remember clean or change the filter of air purifier regularly. Dirty filter doesn’t filter particulates from the inside air and can in worst case made the indoor air even worse. How often should filter of air purifier be changed? It depends on the use level but good rule for the change time laps is one year. You can also clean the filter but in this case the maximum using time is two years.

Our recommend air purifier filter

The most selling air purifier filter of our selection is our Electrolux Allergy Plus – filter. Our staff recommends this washable air purifier filter to everyone that struggles with allergy problems and wants to get filtered clean air to help.

If you are not sure about the compatibility of filter in to your air purifier, please contact our customer service and we will help you. If you can’t find the filter that you are looking for, tell us and we will find it for you.

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