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Searching for glass fridge shelve to your fridge? You can find from our selection fridge shelves to fridges from AEG, Electrolux, Braum, Rosenlew, Upo, Bosch, Siemens and Festivo. Read more

Most of the shelves are compatible also to other fridges. Remember to make sure the compatible of the spare part and appliance from our customer service.

Fridge shelve can get broken, if it is loaded with heavy weight. This part is manufactured of glass and it should not get easily broken. However, accident happens and there has been occasions where shelter has loaded with so heavy weight that the glass has broken. Shelters are designed to fit in fridges and enable to use full capacity of storage. If one glass shelter of fridge goes broken, the storage capacity lowers significantly. There is nothing more irritating, than fridge that is full. If one shelter of fridge is broken, brings it unwanted harm of not being able to use the 100% of storage. However, if accident has happened and the glass shelter of your fridge has gone broken, you can order new from our online store. There is no need to change the whole fridge in new one if only few spares are broken. Better alternative is to order these spare parts from our online store and change them.

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