Handles for fridge and freezers

Fridge and freezer handles

We have a wide range of refrigerator handles for brands such as Rosenlew, Upo, Bosch, Electrolux, Siemens and Zanussi. Read more

Refrigerators have many plastic parts that wear out in use. The refrigerator is also one of the most important household appliances that we use on a daily basis. When a fridge or one of its parts breaks down, it causes an annoying headache. We open the fridge door several times a day, so it is obvious that parts such as the fridge handle will wear out in use. Refrigerators have a lot of plastic parts and it is typical for the handle to break off the stem when pulled incorrectly. Just because a part of the fridge breaks doesn't mean that the whole appliance needs to be replaced. As with any other appliance, there are spare parts for refrigerators. The most popular refrigerator manufacturers are Upo, Electrolux and Rosenlew. You will find Upo, Rosenlew and Electrolux refrigerator handles in our range.

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