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Harvia Cilindro Steel PC70XE electric heater 6,8kW

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Harvia's magnificent Cilindro PC70XE electric heater with XE control, offers a wonderful sauna experience. The size of the heater and the large amount of stones ensure that the steams are soft and pleasant. The heater has a pillar-like shape, so it is easy to immerse it in benches, or place it near a glass wall, for example. PC70XE is suitable for a sauna with a size of 6-10 m3.

In the XE model heater heater, the control center is built into the heater and the heater is controlled via the Harvia-Xenio control panel. With the control panel you can adjust, for example, lighting, safety devices, heater temperature, lights and on time. The control panel also has a child lock and a door sensor. It is possible to control the control panel remotely, which is suitable with a separate safety device and the introduction of mobile start-up.

About the heater

• Power 6.8 kW

• The amount of stones is 90 kg

• Height 930 mm

• Control mode XE control

• Weight 9.3 kg

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