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The Harvia Club stove is available in many different sizes and so are the stove's heating elements. Whether you have a Club K11G or a Club K15G, we have the heating elements for you. The range includes ZSL-310, ZSL-313, ZSL-314, ZSL-316, ZSP-240, ZSS-110, ZSP-250 and ZSS-120.

Harvia Club heating elements

Harvia Club stoves are available in models K and KG. The Harvia Club K9 stove comes with a total of six heating elements, three ZSL-313 and three ZSL-310. Harvia Club K10,5 comes with six ZSL-313 heating elements. Harvia Club K12 fits three pieces of ZSL-313 heating elements and three pieces of ZSL-316. Harvia Club K15 fits six pieces of ZSL-314. Harvia Club K11G heater fits three pieces of ZSP-240 heating elements and three pieces of ZSS-210 heating elements. The Harvia Club K13,5G heater fits three ZSP-250 and three ZSS-120 heating elements. The Harvia Club K15G heater is equipped with six ZSP-250 heating elements.

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