Harvia Elegance spare parts

Harvia Elegance

As the name suggests, Elegance is a sauna heater with a magnificent design that makes it suitable for installation in the middle of the floor or for installation in the sauna floor of a larger sauna. If the heater is used frequently, the resistance of the heater will eventually wear out. Harvia Elegance heaters are quickly available in our online store.

Harvia Elegance heater

The Harvia Elegance F15 heater is equipped with six ZSP-250 heating elements. The Harvia Elegance F16.5 stove is equipped with three ZSP-250 and three ZSP-255 heating elements. Harvia Elegance F10.5 has three ZSS-120 and three ZSS-110 heating elements. The Harvia Elegance F18 model has space for six ZSP-255 heating elements.

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