Harvia Fuga spare parts

Harvia Fuga

Harvia Fuga is a soapstone stove that provides a relaxing sauna experience. The heater comes with three heating elements, you can find heating elements that fit both Harvia Fuga FU60(E) and Harvia Fuga FU90(E) in our range. However, our range is not limited to heating elements, you can also find other spare parts for the heater in our online shop.

Harvia Fuga heating elements

Harvia Fuga FU60(E) is equipped with three ZSE-256 heating elements. Harvia Fuga FU90(E) is equipped with three ZSE-259 heating elements.

Harvia Fuga other spare parts

In addition to the heating elements, our online store also offers a temperature sensor, a suitable cable and a connector. If the control panel does not receive contact or is dark, the fault may be due to the control panel. For Harvia Fuga stoves, you can get the control panel ZSME-200-1, the appropriate frame ZSME-80 or, if the fault is in the power unit, the power unit ZSE-240 as a spare part.

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