Harvia Glow spare parts

Harvia Glow

Harvia Glow pillar heaters are available in both round and corner models, adding modern elegance to the sauna. Spare parts to replace broken parts of your Harvia Glow stove can be found in the Huolto Vuorio online store. 

Harvia Glow heating elements

Harvia Glow TRT70 / TRC70 / TRT70E / TRC70E models are equipped with three ZRH-720 heating elements, while Harvia Glow TRT90 / TRC90 / TRT90E / TRC90E models are equipped with three ZSE-259 heating elements.

Harvia Glow other spare parts

In addition to heating elements, there are also other spare parts for the Harvia Glow heater. For the Harvia Glow heater, you can find a temperature sensor, cables, data cables to the control unit and a thermostat control button in our online shop.

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