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Our versatile selection includes original Harvia heating elemets but also substitute heating elements. It can be hard to find compatible heating element for your Harvia sauna stove. To help you find the right element, we have add search application in our website. Add the product- or model number of your stove/heating element into our search to find compatible spare part. We are constantly adding new products to our web store. If you can’t find the Harvia stove heating element that you are looking for, contact our customer service and we will search it for you. We are recommending you to change all the heating elements at the same time, even though only one of them would have been burnt. Remember, that because of sauna stove is electronic appliance, should the heating elements always be changed by the professional repairer.

Remember the maintenance of your Harvia sauna stove

Did your Harvia stove heating element burnt? It usually happens if your stove stones are too used. This happens when you have not changed your stones for a long time and the heat does not transport from the heating elements to the stoves. It is very common that at some point heating elements starts to bent and get broken. Some might think at this point that the whole Harvia stove is broken and the only solution is to buy new one. However, this isn’t the best solution for your wallet and nature. Because of one spare part needs to be changed, there isn’t need of buying completely new stove. You can easily order new heating elements to your stove and change them. You can find original spares to Harvia stoves for following models:

  • Harvia Cilindro
  • Harvia Figaro
  • Harvia Fuga
  • Harvia Quatro
  • Harvia Vega
  • Harvia Forte
  • Harvia AinaValmis
  • Harvia Sähkäri
  • Harvia Moderna
  • Harvia Sound
  • Harvia Club
  • Harvia Legend


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