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Harvia mobile switch for control units FS-SY

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 Mobile start for electric heaters FS-SY Powered by Shelly Cloud

Harvia's fantastic mobile switch makes your sauna experience even more effortless. You can start the heater from anywhere, even from outside your home via the Shelly mobile app. No more waiting around for your sauna to heat up, just jump straight into a comfortably warm sauna. Safety has also been taken into account, with a temperature sensor in the control centre monitoring your sauna and a door switch or safety device ensuring the safety of your sauna.

Please note that for remote start, a door switch or safety device is mandatory in the sauna. Please check with the control unit to make sure that the safety devices are compatible.

The app is available on AppStore and Google Play.

Compatible products:

  • Harvia XE stoves
  • Harvia Xenio CX170
  • Harvia Xenio Combi CX110C
  • Harvia Xafir CS170
  • Harvia Xafir Combi CS110C
  • Harvia C150VKK
  • Harvia C260
  • Harvia HGD steam generator

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