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Harvia Profi 

Harvia Profi is a super sauna for large saunas. Large saunas and stoves that are used continuously must be functional, efficient and easy to use, as the heating elements wear out faster with intensive use. In our online shop you will find a wide range of heating elements, for Profi stoves there are heating elements regardless of power.  

Harvia Profi heating elements

Harvia Profi L20 heater is equipped with twelve ZSK-732 heating elements, Harvia Profi L23 is equipped with six ZSL-310 heating elements and six ZSL-314 heating elements. The Harvia Profi L26 unit is suitable for six ZSL-313 and six ZSL-314 heating elements. The Harvia Profi L30 heater fits 12 ZSL-314 heating elements and the Harvia Profi L33 heater fits 12 ZSL-318 heating elements.

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