Harvia Senator spare parts

Harvia Senator

The elegant Harvia Senator is ideal for family saunas and small saunas in townhouses and apartment buildings. These saunas can have a large number of users and the heater is used frequently. Sometimes the stove's heating elements need to be replaced, and you can find heating elements for Harvia Senator and Harvia Senator Combi stoves here.

Harvia Senator heating elements

The Harvia Senator T9 stove is equipped with six ZSS-110 heating elements. Harvia Senator T10.5 is equipped with three ZSS-110 and three ZSS-120 heating elements. The Harvia Senator Combi T7C(A) heater has two ZSS-110 heating elements, two ZSS-120 heating elements and one ZH-104 heating element. The Harvia Senator Combi T9C(A) heater is suitable for three ZSS-120 heating elements, two ZSS-110 heating elements and one ZH-104 heating element.

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