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Harvia The Wall Sw80 8,0Kw

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Genuinely Finnish

The Wall elegantly occupies only a small space in the sauna, even though it has an efficiency of up to 9 kW. The appliance has been designed with practicality in mind: illuminated control switches, easy installation and durable construction solutions make The Wall great in terms of features. All this in a compact and stylish package, The Wall.

The operating time switch and the thermostat for temperature are both illuminated. The illuminated operating switch stands out at the top of the stove for easy access. The lighting makes it easier to use in low light conditions. The less frequently used thermostat control is located at the bottom of the stove. You can choose the handedness of the stove (right/left) at the time of installation.

The Wall heater is durable in construction and resistance: the resistance has its own support structure which protects the resistance, prevents it from warping and prolongs its life. The components that are sensitive to heat and moisture are located at the bottom of the heater. The structure of the resistor is designed to last for a long time without compromising heating performance.

The supplied mounting/wall bracket determines the minimum safety distance between the heater and the floor. Installation is quick and easy.

  • Power 8,0 kW
  • Dimensions 430 x 700 x 260
  • Sauna size 7-12 m3
  • Stone quantity 20 kg
  • Protective distances (mm): front to lower part 30, upper part 70, side walls 70, ceiling 1200, floor 80

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